TF 600 KT

Automated Drilling Centre

The TF 600 KT is the latest addition to the Masterwood/KDT range. Suitable for small and large scale production, the machine is the next step on from the TF600. Like the 600, the machine has the flexibility of working on all 6 faces of a panel, but with the addition of an automatic tool changer for up to 5 tools. Two automatic clamps hold work firmly in place while machining, giving accuracy as well as speeding up production.

Technical Specification  TF600 KT
Max Panel Size 2800mm x 1000mm x 60mm
Min Panel Size 70mm x 50mm x 9mm
Drill head spindles 12v + 8h Above + 9v Lower + Grooving Saw Above
Router Spindle 5.5kw Above + 3.5kw Below
Max Tool Dia. 125mm
Tool positions 5
Options Barcode Reader