Optimisation By Masterwood

Thanks to a "lean" approach, it is perfect for the joiner - a flexible and easy to use production tool that automatically generates the most efficient nesting configurations for Masterwood CNC working centers.

With Masternest the scraps are dramatically reduced, the tool life is optimized, the programming and production times are scheduled, the total cycle time is very fast.

All obtained at the touch of a button!

Once you programmed the individual pieces with Masterwork, other Masterwood application or using programs generated by external CAD (DXF), via Masternest the automatic procedure is launched for the optimization of parts to be derived from a single panel by introducing the following information:

• Workpieces positioning on the worktable with up to 10 priority levels
• Possibility of workpiece rotation on panels without veins
• Inner areas can be used too
• Tool changes number optimization

Once the optimization program is completed, Masternest produces the following information:

• Automatic calculation of the number of panels required
• Available area usage statistics
• Cutting patterns
• Processing time