Project 385


The Project 385 offers the flexibility of a 5-axis operating unit and high rigidity of the bridge structure. Thanks to the gantry motor system, the machine is particularly suitable for carrying out even the heaviest machining operations with extreme precision and high finishing quality.

Suited for all types of work:

• Furniture
• Windows
• Stairs
• Sashes and windows frames
• Doors

Technical Specification  Project 385 Project 385L Project 385XL
Working Area 3240mm x 1550mm x 200mm 5060mm x 1550mm x 200mm 6400mm x 1550mm x 200mm
Drill Head Spindles 19 V+H (32 optional) 19 V+H (32 optional) 19 V+H (32 optional)
Router Spindle 12kw  12kw 12kw
Grooving Saw Blade Dia. 125mm 125mm 125mm
Tool Positions 22 (+22 optional)  22 (+22 optional)  22 (+22 optional)
Vacuum Arms 6 8 8 (up to 12 optional)