Project 485

The 5-Axis Machining Center

The Project 485 is the 5-axis machining center for panels, doors and windows processing.

The "cantilever" structure allows loading of wide panels. The use of a birotative operating unit gives Project 485 a great flexibility without the need to use expensive aggregates, for example in the case of cuts on inclined planes.

This CNC is specially designed for processing:

• Furniture
• Window frames
• Doors
• Windows

Project 485 Project 485L
Working Bed Area 3240mm x 2020mm x 200mm 5060mm x 2020mm x 200mm
Drill Head Spindles 19 19
Router Head Spindle 12kw 12kw
Max Saw Blade Dia. 125mm 125mm
Tool Positions 22 (+6 optional) 22 (+6 optional)
Max Tool Dia.