Project 565

The top of the range in 5-axis machining

The Project 565 is the 5-axis machining centre for those who demand the highest standards in all types of panel and solid wood machining.

There are 3 bed length versions to choose from with a working area up to 6500 mm. Maximum versatility on the tool magazines for the best performance in every kind of processing.

CNC especially designed for processing:

• Furniture
• Window frames
• Doors
• Windows
• Stairs

Technical Specification Project 565 Project 565L
Working Bed Area 3600mm x 1500mm x 350mm 5400mm x 1500mm x 350mm
Drill Head Spindle up to 32 up to 32
Router Spindle up to 16kw up to 16kw
Max Tool Dia. 250mm 250mm
Tool Positions
Vacuum Arms