TF 600

High Speed Drilling on Six Sides

The TF-600 series, produced by KDT, is a through feed high speed drilling centre, capable of machining all 6 sides of a panel, in one operation.
The machine comes with routers above and below, as well as grooving saw and drilling spindles

Technical Specification TF 600 KS TF 600 SA
Min Panel Size 70mm x 35mm x 9mm 250mm x 50mm x 9mm
Max Panel Size 2800mm x 1200mm x 60mm 2500mm x 1200mm x 60mm
Drill head spindles 19+19 + Grooving Saw 18+18 + Grooving Saw
Router Spindle power 5.5Kw + 3.5 Kw 3.5Kw
Tool positions
Options Waste Conveyer Fully Automated Line